Kaylin Yamaki

Matthew's Character (The Sister)



Acute Vision
Addictive Blood
Animal Magnetism
Animal Speech: Domestic Cats
Additional Discipline: ??
Baby Face
Bardic Gift
Burning Aura
Charmed Existence
Closer than Blood: Kazumi Yamaki 5 pt
Controlled Thirst
Crack Driver
Cupid’s Gift
Discipline Prodigy: ??
Dual Nature: Caregiver
Efficient Digestion
Enchanting Voice
Enchanting Gaze
Face the Flames
Guardian Angel: ??
Hidden Diablerie
Legendary Attribute: Strength – All attacks involving Strength inflict one extra damage before any other effects.
Old Flame: ??
Personal Aura: Pink Purple and Blue, appears to swirl and colide causing explosions of color.
Piercing Gaze
Pure Blood
Pied Piper 3 pt
Sanctifying Kiss
Soothing Voice
Special Gift: 1 pt Black Gloves
Strong Blood
Surreal Beauty
Surreal Quality
Sweet Blood
Sympathetic Bond
Sex Appeal
Tough as Nails
Without a Trace


Bard’s Tongue
Beholden: 3 pt Naka Valenti
Chimerical Magnet
Changeling’s Eyes: Violet
Cursed: 5 pt – Fused with a Changeling, a very powerful and evil one. It could awaken and take over my body.
Cursed: 4 pt – Every other point of blood drunk from me, is considered fae blood. The blood does not cause me to see the dreaming.
Dark Secret: Changeling inside could awaken.
Enemy: 2 pt – Female in the city, hates Kaylin for being more beautiful and captivating.
Enemy: 5 pt – Sabbot want to awaken the fae.
Mystical Imperative: 2 pt – Communicate with Cats
Potent Blood
Rivalry 4 pt
Winged: Brilliant Blue Butterfly Wings


Kaylin Yamaki

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