The Wedding Band of Raquel the Martyr

Holy Artifact


True Faith: 1
Immunity to fire.


Raquel is a little-known local saint in a small region of Brittany. Her stories were scattered, and the monsters she fought purposefully destroyed any documents with an accounting of her. This often happens with the Faithful. The story goes that she was married, but a pagan king wanted her, so he demanded she break her vows and marry him. In reality, the “pagan king” was a vampire prince. She resisted him and through the power of her Faith, razed the region’s vampire population to dust. She was martyred later, accused of witchcraft. When she was burned, her wedding band, a simple thing made of wood, did not burn, and would not burn. They say she herself did not burn until after she made an impassioned speech and “allowed the flames to take her.” To this day, they say wearing the ring makes you immune to fire.

The Wedding Band of Raquel the Martyr

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