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Bloodline: Daitya
  • Nickname: Snake-Charmers, Blasphemers
  • Faction: Raktasadhu
  • Clan Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis
  • Weakness: Due to their inherent clan weakness, Followers of Set are extremely susceptible to sunlight (double damage). Subtract one from all dice pools while in bright light (spotlights, strobes, etc.).

The Daitya are a heretical “Setite antitribu” bloodline of illusionists, thaumaturges (Raktasadhu), and snake-charmers (Samperas), whose founder traveled from Egypt to India in pursuit of ancient mystical knowledge and for the hunt of the Children of Osiris.

Certain broods and temples among the Daitya specialize in different skills, like a “yoga of illusion” that they call Raktamaya, which includes Chimerstry, Conjuration (Sadyojatavidya), Obfuscation, Transmutation (Rasayana), thaumaturgic rituals (tantras), hypnotism, and even prestidigitation.

Where mainline Setites seek to serve their god(s), the Daitya (like other Raktasadhu) seek to become gods themselves, and this is what makes the Daitya heretical in the eyes of the more fanatic among the Setites, and what makes the Setites weak in the eyes of the more ambitious among the Daitya.


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