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Cost: 3 Points

Your personal honor is your life, and you will go to the ends of the earth to settle a score or avenge a slight. When directly opposing someone who has insulted, shamed or harmed you, you gain an additional die to all combat Dice Pools. This bonus does not apply towards casual foes, only blood enemies. For example, a Tzimisce would not get this bonus against the bandit who ambushes her on the road but would receive against the Shadow Lord who slew her sire and drove her from her ancestral fief. The down side to this Merit is that you must do everything in your power to avenge such deeds or insults. Should you refrain from action, the Storyteller is within his rights to deduct temporary Willpower from your character until such time as you pursue your vengeance once more.

(This was labeled as a Tzimisce merit but is suitable for any character.)


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