Ogham Combos

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With Animalism

Goddess Among Beasts
Animalism 1, Ogham 1
Description: With this power, a Lhiannan may call on her spirit-shard to dominate beasts who dwell in her domain. To such animals she is a goddess, a force of nature as irresistible as wind or seasons. The Lhiannan paints her body with runes of vitae denoting her spiritual authority.

System Description: The character spends one scene tracing runes on her body; this costs one blood point. The player then rolls Manipulation + Survival (difficulty 6). For a number of hours equal to the successes rolled, the character receives one automatic success on any Animalism power directed at a beast that dwells or lairs in her territory. The character also gains the benefits of the Inoffensive to Animals Merit. Botching this power gives the character the Repulsive to Animals Flaw for the rest of the night.

Experience Cost: 7

With Protean

Tree Meld
Ogham 1, Protean 3
Description: Attuned to the living forest by their spiritual ancestry, a Lihannan with this power may sink into wood as easily as most Gangrel sink into soil.

System Description: The vampire may use this power exactly as the Protean 3 power Interred in the Earth to physically merge with wooden objects large enough to contain her body. It costs an additonal blood point to merge with dead wood, however, so most Lhiannan prefer the sanctuary of the largest tree trunk in their domain. If a wooden object is destroyed while a vampire rests within, the vampire is expelled.

Experience Cost: 21

Ogham Combos

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