Serpentis Combos

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With Presence

Serpent’s Numbing Kiss
Presence 3, Serpentis 2
Description: Combining her serpentine Discipline with mastery over the heart, a Follower of Set who knows this technique can envenom her razor tongue as a subtler weapon.

System Description: The player spends one blood point; no roll is required. The character may immediately strike one opponent with her barbed tongue as if employing the Serpentis 2 power Tongue of the Asp. Her tongue immediately resumes its normal form after the strike, sealing the victim’s wound as it retracts. If the attack inflicts any damage that penetrates the victim’s soak, the vampire injects a mind-altering poison. The victim must roll three successes on a reflexive Stamina check (difficulty 6 for vampires, 8 for living beings). If the victim fails, her wits become addled for the next hour. Any Discipline that affects the victim’s mind, senses or emotions receives one automatic success during this time, although generational limits still apply to uses of Dominate on other vampires. (Interestingly, this blood poison is sometimes beneficial to the victim; the mind’s barriers are lowered for friends as well as foes, and anyone attemption to repair the damage done by Dominate or otherwise assist the victim also recieves the automatic success. Also, victims who possess Auspex find that the premonitions they receive while poisoned are especially vivid.) Mortal victims who botch the Stamina roll fall into a dazed stupor for the duration of the power and may take no actions of their own volition on any turn that their players fail to make a reflexive Willpower roll (difficulty 8).

Experience Cost: 21

With Protean

Hatch the Viper
Protean 2, Serpentis 4
Description: This rare and horrific power is known only to the Followers of the Set. The members of other clans are hard-pressed to master Serpentis to this degree, much less find a Setite willing to teach this particular ability. Vampires who know this Discipline technique may create serpents out of their blood to act as servants, pets or assassins.

System Description: The vampire takes an entire turn to activate the power, and the player spends four blood points; no roll is required. The following turn, the character disgorges a living venomous serpent from his mouth.

Formed of vitae, this serpent is considered a ghoul with Fortitude and Potence of 1. It may act independently, although it follows all commands from its parent without hesitation. If it is slain, or its masters fails to feed it one blood point every three nights, the snake dissolves into a pool of fetid plasm. Anyone foolish enough to drink this venom suffers four dice of aggravated damage.

Characters with this power may create and maintain as many serpents as desired, assuming they are willing to feed their tetinue. Cainites with Animalism can communicate with serpents formed by this ability, but the snakes always reflect too much of their creator’s personality to pass for natural animals. Each serpent bears a distinctive pattern of scales associated with its master, although motifs of gold diamonds on black skin predominate.

Experience Cost: 28

Serpentis Combos

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